Introduction: Dettol No-Touch Dispenser Recession Buster Hack

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The Dettol No-Touch dispenser is a great bit of kit and looks like a bargain when you place it in the shopping trolley for the reasonable price of £5 for the unit and refill.Alas like most bargains such as printers etc the devils in the detail just how much is the refill going to cost.

If you are not familiar with the Dettol No-Touch it is a battery operated hand wash dispenser you place your hands under the sensor and a portion of hand wash is magically placed in your hand .The advantage of it being non touch is the fact you cant get cross contamination.

Step 1:

Well as it turns out just like printers they want to start you off cheap with a lost leader and get you into their Eco system buying a new refill regularly.Well as it turns out the refills run at about £3-3.50 which for 250ml is pretty expensive.If you live in a busy family home or small business you could be buying one of these fortnightly or even once a week, if you do the maths that's £182 a year worst case.

I never intended to buy the refills because.....

"if something comes out it generally means it can be put back in !"

You can buy 750ml of  good quality branded anti bacterial hand wash from the pound shop for guess what yes that right £1 that's 3 refills !

Now we just have to get the stuff in ......

First of all we are going to need a bung for the top because as we are going to drill a hole in the top of the empty refill.Measure the bung i found one with a slight taper so it wouldn't fall into the refill if inserted too far.

Step 2:

Now start with a small drill bit and work your way up in size to that of your bung.

Step 3:

Use a spoon or blunt screwdriver to lever the cap off the bottom of the refill.Now wash out the inside of the refill to remove any debris from the drilling that might block the Dispenser in use.

Step 4:

you can see the bung earning its keep here

Step 5:

If  you are struggling to get the liquid into the small hole you can make a paper cone out of a sheet of paper .

Step 6:

all that's left to do is take the bung out and fill up on your favourite hand wash.

After doing this some friends and family laughed at me but a strange thing happened, while visiting i started seeing this modification quietly popping up all over their homes ..funny isn't it ! :)

Hope you enjoyed this little hack


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