Introduction: Develop Your Own PS4 Remapper Kit

Make your own PS4 Remapper Kit by reverse engineering the Remapper kit FPC layout design. Output Gerber files of PS4 remapper kit. Gerber files are available for you, just inbox. The layout can be changed also if required.

Step 1: Order PS4 Remapper Kit and Take Pictures

I ordered a PS4 Remapper Kit online and scanned them in a scanner on 600 dpi resolution. High resolution allowed me to trace the tracks on FPC easier.

Step 2: Contruct Image for Traces and Pads on FPC

I constructed a image for FPC traces and pads. I used that image as a reference to reverse engineer PS4 FPC. I construct image for both Top side and Bottom side as both sides had traces and pads. I also had the holes the FPC layout consisted.

Step 3: Design PCB Using Any PCB Designing Software

I used previous layout as a guide and constructed a PCB design in ISIS Proteus. Some of the traces were not laid out as the original design and some other variations were also made.

Step 4: Create Gerber Files

After the PCB design was completed, gerber files for PCB design was created.

If you need more information regarding this project do not hesitate to inbox me here or