Introduction: Developing Film

For safety, wear gloves while developing and a mask while pouring and dumping chemicals. When filling the tank, make sure you are filling the liquid to the top of the hole. Put the red lid on and have a towel while shaking the tank.


  1. Loaded developing tank
  2. Gloves
  3. Goggles
  4. Towel
  5. Chemicals

Step 1: Water

Fill tank with water and drain

Step 2: Developer

10 Minutes

  • Pour chemicals in and up to the top of the hole
  • Shake tank for 5 seconds every 30 seconds and tap it down 3 times

  • Start dumping 5 seconds before time is up

Step 3: Stop Bath

30 Seconds

•Shake tank continuously for entire time

•Start pouring back into container 5 seconds before time is up

Step 4: Fixer

5 Minutes

  • Shake tank for 10 seconds at 1 minute intervals and tap it down 3 times
  • Start pouring back 5 seconds before time is up

Step 5: Water Wash

5 Minutes

•Take lid off tank and let water run continuously into tank

Step 6: Photo Flo

•Remove film from reel and run it through the Photo-Flo

•Squeegee off excess with fingers

Step 7: Dryer

5 - 10 Minutes

  • Put clips on both ends of film and hang in dryer.
  • Be sure to hang in the section marked for your class.

Step 8: Finishing the Film

  1. Return the hanging clips to the tray on the sink.
  2. Take your film to the light boxes holding it by the edges as to not get fingerprints on the film
  3. Carefully cut the film apart in rows containing 5 frames each and discard any blank or black areas of the film
  4. Slide film into a negative sleeve with the shiny side up and the numbers across the bottom
  5. Now you can view your negatives safely without scratching them with the loupe and they are ready to be made into a contact sheet!