Developing a Schematic and PCB Layout in EAGLE Software

Introduction: Developing a Schematic and PCB Layout in EAGLE Software

Hai guys.

Below are the steps to develop a schematic and develop its PCB layout in EAGLE Software.

Step 1: Develop a New Project

Goto File > New > Project. Give it a name. Here I have given name of the project as blinking led.

Then Right click on Project and click on new schematic.

Step 2: Adding Components to Schematic

I'm going to develop a schematic for blinking led using 555 timer.

The required components are :

-1 555 timer

-2 resistors - 33k ohm and 470 ohm

-1 BC 547 transistor

-1 100uf capacitor

-1 LED

Components are added to the schematic using Add button as shown in the picture.

Type the required components in the search box. Select the component and click OK/ Drop.

Below are the components that I added in the schematic.

Component : 555 timer

Search-box : ne555

Library/Name : st-microelectronics

Package/Description : DIL-08

Component : Resistor

Search-box : resistor

Library/Name : rcl

Sub-library : R-US

Package/Description : 0207/10

Component : BC 547

Search-box :bc547

Library/Name : Transistor

Package/Description : TO92

Component : 100uf capacitor

Search-box :capacitor

Library/Name : rcl

Sub-library : E2,5-7

Component :LED

Search-box :LED

Library/Name : led

Sub-library : LED

Package/Description : LED5MM

Component : wirepad

Search-box : wire pad

Library/Name : wirepad

Sub-library : WIREPAD

Package/Description : 2,15/1,10

Note: Instead of power-supply, i have taken wirepad.

Right click on each component and give values to it.

Step 3: Wiring the Schematic

Click on Wire button. Wire the schematic as shown in the picture.

However, a wire in EAGLE is just a line. If we want to connect more than two wires, we need to add a Junction as shown.

If extra information is to be written on the schematic, use text tool.

For detailed wiring connection goto the link mentioned below

Step 4: Wiring the Components in PCB Layout

-Click on Generate/Switch to board button that is shown in the picture.

-Move all the components into the the box. Adjust all the components very close to each other and reduce the box size.

-Wire all the components.

(If needed, you can add your company name in your PCB layout by Text button.)

-Then click on Polygon tool and select the border.

-Keep only Bottom, Pads and Dimension visible and rest should be invisible.

-Click on Ratsnest button.

- Now, Click on File > Export > Image. A new window opens, give the name, location and resolution for the picture , Check Monochrome and the image would be saved. Convert it into negative image.

Finally you're done with PCB layout.

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