Introduction: Devil May Cry Neon

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After many Questions even before i
started to make it i decided to make a tutorial on how to make Your own Devil May Cry Nero Neon Sign

what You Need is

Aquarium airline 4mm inner-6mm outer diameter
3.2mm EL-Wire
EL-Wire end caps
EL-Wire connectors
EL-Wire driver Copper Tape
Soldering Iron and Solder (duh)
Glue Gun and lots of glue
black insulation tape or black heatshrink tube
Heat gun or hotair soldering station

Hope i didn`t forget about anything :)

Step 1: Printout Measuring and Frame

Lets get to work ;)

First of all You need to figure out how big You want it to be
I printed mine through MS paint over 4x3 sheets of paper "You can use template posted here"

Next step is to measure the length of the wire needed,

To do so You need to get the airline and simply follow Your printout with it (always add couple of cm for that nasty margin of error it`s always better to have more than not enough)

Step 2: Frame and Assembly

When all parts are measured its time to start ordering, order enough Elwire connectors etc

I had my frame custom cut in something called aluminium composite which in short is acrylic glass sandwiched between two layers of aluminium

that's possibly the most expensive part of this, mine cost me nearly 60GBP

Step 3: Put Wire Through the Airline and Let It Rest

Now one of the trickiest bits put Your El-wire through the tubing

Best way to do it? Get a long string tie it on one end of the wire and needle on the other one OR something small enough to fit inside the tube and simply when the needle goes through the tube pull it to get the wire through the tube,

let it rest for an hour or two as it will surely come in a coil it will help it to relax and straighten it

Step 4: Preparation for Glueing

Now take it out of the tube and outline sections of Your frame with the tube

You`ll need to cut the tube into sections to avoid crossing tubed sections and it will allow You to mask the wire where needed

It makes those cross sections much easier

Step 5:

Now simply cut the section You want to glue
Again put the EL-wire through the tube section and start gueing it to the frame with hot glue, glue and repeat

(Sorry don't have a pic of the prcess)

Once section is done, mask bits of the wire if needed with insulation tape or heat shrink tube, make sure to overlap it slightly with the tubing, on those tight sections like M or Y its good to heat the "bend" to make it softer, sure it will deform the airline but it wont be visible when its dark and everything is on

once whole word is done You have two options,
A) Cut the wire into sections one for each word (requires cutting an soldering)
B) Use continuous wire, which will require longer wire and more masking (No need for cutting and soldering)

as for how to solder and handle EL-wire there's a great tutorial

I also ordered all my parts from here they also provide great advice if You need more helpespecially when choosing drivers required


If You need more info or simply want to commission one Hit me up on My FB page Nerd Armoury or twitter @LyhtemLashlo

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