Introduction: Deviled Eggs Eggsquisite!

It's like Deviled Eggs 2.1.  Literally the best deviled eggs you'll ever make (or eat!)

Step 1: Boil the Eggs

While you're hard-boiling (don't melt them, but make sure they're firm!) gather up the following:
1. bunch of scallions
2. pound of bacon (or more!)
3. jar of olives.  Yes.  Olives.
4. yellow mustard
5. a little mayo
6. salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika

Step 2: Lay the Eggs Out to Dry

The longer you can cool these, the better.  Overnight in the fridge is not out of the question, but then let them get to room temp before attempting to peel.  I like to run them under freezing cold water, it helps get the shell off quickly.

Step 3: Bacon Fry

Ahhh, the secret ingrediant.  Really, is there anything that's not improved by bacon?

Step 4: Scallions

You'll need one bunch for every twelve to 15 eggs.

Step 5: Bacon Drying

You need to really work to get the grease off of this.  No one wants greasy deviled eggs!

Step 6: Slicing and De-yolking the Eggs

Yep, this is what it looks like when you do it right. A sharp knife really helps.  Be nice to the whites, that's the vehicle your deviled eggs count on.  The yolks you can treat as poorly as you like.

Step 7: Chopping the Scallions

They should be cut kind of chunky...not too big, but large enough to give the final product some texture.  I like to listen to Booker T and the MG's while I do this.

Step 8: Mashing the Yolks

Your job is to turn them into sand.  We just a potato masher.  You can use a fork, a large rock, or just back over them with your car.

Step 9: Stripping the Bacon

Remove every ounce of fat from the bacon.  It's a time-consuming process, but so worth it.  Many hands make light work!

Step 10: Slice Some Olives

These will eventually top the Eggsquisite finished product!

Step 11: The Mixture

Here we have the mashed yolk, mixed with some mayo, yellow mustard, the onions, the bacon and a little bit of olive juice (from the jar).  Your own quantities will vary...I believe in very little mayo, a little more mustard, and a hint of olive juice.  The more bacon and onions, the more robust your deviled eggs will be.  You then season with salt, pepper, and if you're of a mind to, garlic powder.  This is where you make the recipe your own...what kind of spicing would YOU like to add?

Step 12: Pile It High and Deep!

Put the filling into the whites.  There's no right or wrong way to do it.  You want more eggs?  Be sparse with the filling.  Want to be popular?  Make fewer eggs and STUFF THEM FULL! Judging from the picture, it also helps if you're completely out of focus.

Step 13: An Olive Slice and Some Paprika Top It Off

Seriously, you'll feed these to friends and watch their faces change.  They will then beg you for the secret.  Tell them you can't help was passed down over generations and there's just no braking the sacred bond.  Or, send them the link to this instructable...whatever works for you.