Deviled Jello Eggs

Introduction: Deviled Jello Eggs

This is a really simple dessert and is fun to make for the kids!

Step 1: What You Need

- Deviled egg platter - Jello package - Whipped topping

Step 2: Directions

Follow directions accordingly to the Jello package until you get to the part of putting it in the fridge. Using a tablespoon spoon jello into egg slots (shouldn't use all of the jello. Put the rest in a glass in the fridge to put aside for later). Once all of them are filled, carefully put them in the fridge checking every once in a while to see if they are completely set and firm, once they are mix together whipped topping and The remaining jello until there is little chunks of jello in the whipped topping. Now scoop with a spoon (or whatever works) the whipped topping on to eggs. They are now ready to eat!

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