Introduction: Deviled Eggs for 4th of July

These are simple to do

Step 1: Coloring the Egg

There is a lot of different methods to peeling your eggs. Do what you feel works the best. Personally I add a little vinegar or baking soda to the water while boiling and then soak in cold water. I crack on both ends then peel under running water.
On a paper towel or paper plate

Once peeled and halved simply use a small paintbrush to paint food coloring onto each side of the egg.
Caution. A little goes a long way so go light on the food coloring. The easiest way I found to do this is flip them upside down. So the rounded side is facing up. Paint all of the eggs you want like this red on one side then do all the blue . let them dry then flip and touch up the top.

Once dry add your deviled egg mixture and enjoy watching your guests as they see your new creation
These were my first try at making these and I think they turned out pretty cool looking.
The possibilities are endless.
Orange for Halloween
Red and green for christmas
Speckled - just run your finger over a brush with a little coloring on it.
Red for valentines day
Green for st Patrick's day
And I'm sure there are other things that can be done using this method.
Get creative

As far as the deviled eggs go
I don't usually measure but I use a combination of
Golden's brown mustard
Salad supreme found in the spice isle (my secret ingredient)
A little relish or pickle juice or vinegar depending on if I want them to have a little bite or not
I personally prefer the pickle juice
And not pictured here the super duper main ingredient.
Bacon !
Yes bacon And if you have never tried deviled eggs with bacon you will never go back
You can also garnish with a little shredded cheese but I never get that far.
Sorry to all you non bacon lovers

Next time I make a batch I'll do an Instructable.