Introduction: Dexter Theme Party: How to Decorate!

I enjoy throwing theme parties, especially around Halloween! I also enjoy a little show called Dexter! So I decided to try a Dexter themed Halloween party. This Instructable will give you tips on how to decorate for a Dexter theme party based on his "Kill room". And if you don't know anything about Dexter, which did happen with some of my guests, it still is some pretty creepy decor!

Step 1: Planning!

First thing, decide which room you are going to be having the party in! If multiple rooms are being used, pick the one you want to be the center of attention to turn into the "kill room."

After you pick the room you'll need to estimate how much supplies you'll need to cover it. Most importantly, how many piece of furniture are in that particular room.

For example, I used my living room as the main "killing" room. Which has 6 pieces of furniture I would need to cover with white sheets.

Step 2: Supplies!

You'll need:
1 White sheet, blanket, or piece of fabric per piece of furniture.
1 White table cloth per table.
Plastic Sheeting (I bought the 600 sq ft pack and it was more than enough. You could opt for a smaller amount for sure. I got a big box because we are also painting soon!)
Large black garbage bags.
Some fake plastic human limbs.
Photos of some of the guests, if not all attending your party.
Various knifes, a hammer, a hand saw, any other tools you think might add to the creepy vibe!
Staple gun or stapler, with lots of staples!
A ladder.
A friend to lend a hand.

Note: Be thrifty! I was able to find all my white sheets at a local goodwill for about a dollar a piece. For the table cloths, I just went to party city and got cheap plastic ones.

Step 3: Cleaning Up the Room!

Start by using your white sheets, blankets, or fabric  to cover each piece of your furniture. It will give the room an abandoned, clean look.

Step 4: Hanging the Plastic!

After covering all your furniture in white cloth, grab the plastic, a ladder, the staple gun or stapler, and a friend to keep the ladder steady! Drape the plastic over the walls, stapling the stop edge to the wall. Leave plenty of slack at the bottom so you can drape the plastic over the furniture next to walls. Also be sure to overlap each new sheet of plastic you staple up so you don't have any gaps. Unless of course you want to leave a gap over a door or something.

This is the most time consuming step, but go slow and practice ladder safety!

Step 5: The Weapon Table!

Use a small side table/end table/coffee table whatever you have, to make the table Dexter lays his weapons out onto. Arrange them as neatly as possible. Use various knives (Preferably fake!) as that is what Dexter uses to kill with, a hammer for the Trinity killer, a handsaw or ax to chop up the bodies, and so on.

Step 6: Bag of Body Parts!

Dexter divides the body parts of his victims up into large black garbage bags to dispose of them. So I got some and stuffed them full of random objects and blankets I had lying around to give them shape. Then I finished them by using a fake limb to stick out of the opening of the bag and tied them up. I made a couple of these bags and placed them around the living room and kitchen.

Step 7: Hang the Photos!

As another part of Dexter's killing room, he hangs pictures of the innocent victims of the serial killer he is about to kill. So I got photos of people attending the party and hung them up with tape on the plastic covering one of my walls. Making it seem like my guests were the victims Dexter was avenging.

Step 8: Additional Party Items!

Along with the decorations, I also kept the theme with my food and drinks. I served beverages made in beakers because Dexter is a lab geek. I baked a red velvet cake and covered it in a smooth, white fondant to give it a clean look. Then I used a prop weapon to stab it and piped red gel icing to make the cake appear to be bleeding. I also recommend making some of Forkables Dexter Blood Slide Suckers! You can find how to make them here :

Step 9: Now Party!

With everything set up, time to invite some friends over and have some fun. Whether it's for a Halloween, Birthday, or Dexter Viewing party, I hope you enjoy and stay safe!

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