Introduction: Dexter Trophy Case for UNDER $20

The best cost DIY Dexter TV Series Trophy Case.


Step 1: Materials (Amazon)

Here is what you will need ($) TOTAL=$18.50

-United Scientific WSB050 Wooden Slide Storage Box, Holds 50 Slides
[Purchased from]π=SX200_QL40&keywords=United+Scientific+Wooden+50&dpPl=1&dpID=51xSBRYmAaL&ref=plSrch

-72-Pieces Blank Microscope Slides & 100-Pieces Square Cover Glass
[Purchased from]

What I Already Had:
- Red Acrylic Paint
- Wood Glue
- Paper Plate
- Tooth Picks
- Screw Driver
- Knife
- Pen

Step 2: Start Collecting

Step 1
-Make the Slides, that way they aren't as wet and fragile
-Mix the wood glue and red acrylic paint till a nice Blood color forms.
-Trial and error is the key for the correct amout for the right circle. You have 72 slides and only need 38 so don't be worried if you mess up.

Step 2
- There are 4 screws for each hinge and 4 pin nails for each latch that will need to be removed (I used a knife to pry up the nails). That way you can reposition them so it matches more to the Real thing.

Step 3: Dark Passanger

Step 3
-Add the names. It is easier to do so while its all apart. I chose some names that weren't Tropheys yet still kills from this list:'s_Kill_List

-Move the 2 hinges to the rear of the box equally apart and lined up with the joint for smooth operation.
-Only 1 of the latches will be used to more resemble the TV Show.

Step 4: Hello Friends

After the pain of assemble you are left with a Dexter TV series Trophy Case Replica
FOR UNDER $20 Boo Schnickens

Add Smiley Face For a nice touch
-Even the Bay Harbor Butcher would be impressed-

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