Introduction: D.i.Y Arrow

About: I like to make things out of stuff

I like to make bows,obviously if you want to hit anything you need arrows and a straight one at that. The best way to test a bow is to use a store bought arrow but whats the fun in that?.

I try and make mine out of 100% reused  or upcycled parts,including nock and head.

for this instructable we will be making a blunt ( for impact on small game) and doesn't get stuck in the neighbours fence.

I don't know how much it costs,My time is immeasurable other wise probably  F!*# all !

Step 1: Tools,materials

Tennon saw or 3 hacksaws taped together

sharp knife/stanley knife is ideal

pencil sharpener

electricians tape or similar

epoxy glue,araldite,superglue ,you get the picture.

Car tubeless Valve

dowles I use 10mil pine as that was only choice.i am sure if you go to joiner factory you would be able to procure some made from oak or Heart rimu or some hardwood.

Feathers- I usually cut the wing feathers off any handy roadkill as I like the colours.I prefer Hawk as seems like a good way to reuse the poor sod.Though We have some pretty nice native birds ( pukeko) that have blue/black/white feathers that are cool or the   
white and black swans are usually easy to get around culling time being invasive pests.
Art suppies,chinese shops for pre plucked feathers.

Step 2: Nocks

It seems customary  to make 6 arrows at a time.
hold your arm out in front of you as if holding a bow and measure from the point where you hold your bow string to your out stretched hand, add about 50 ml and this will be your arrow length.

place arrow in vice vertically and cut with your 3 hacksaw blades down about 10 mil to make the noc.

repeat with the next arrows.

Step 3:

With knife slice  either side of the nock to make it flat for your fingers when drawing.

Step 4:

Now there is some precision required when attaching the feathers.As long as they are reasonably even it will be good enough.

when looking at the end of the arrow there are usually 3 feathers.although you can use a four fletch if so desired.

place arrow in vice vertically and tape the downward ends of the 3 must be perpendicular  from the nock.

run glue up the inside of the spine of the feather then tape the top.

Step 5:

Remove valve from the inner of the valve pear shape. iIuse a small screw driver though there is a special can use other things for arrow heads.
target arrows - unscrew a metal pen tip.
hunting , use a rifle

use pencil sharpener to sharpen end of arrow like a pencil.
put glue inside valve opening and push in the sharp dowel.

Step 6:

You are pretty much done at this stage. In case you are wondering why my arrow looks burnt it is because I ran it over the stove top to see if that would add strength.

I always leave the tape on the arrow head end of the fletch.  You don't want to get a very sharp shard of bone from the feather ripping into the back of your hand.Good idea to use a glove.

Small game is very hard to hit , even for the 'non archers' who  use compound bows.
Large game is easy to hit but hard to kill especially using a blunt.

Try not to be stupid.