Introduction: DiY Solar Panel & Measure Datas

Test equipment: one solar panel, 12V12AH battery, 10A solar charger. The aim of the research is to develop a power supply solution that can power our measuring and Lora GW devices in the long run. in stage 2, we continuously measure and record the voltage of the solar cell and the battery for 1 year together with the temperature and humidity data. The results of the tests, I will be made public. Anyone can use it.

The picture shows a solar cell, DIY made 7 years ago. The goal was to find the right impregnator -20 +40 °C

Step 1: The Cell

Step 2: Making the Panel Soldering

Step 3: Making the Panel Soldering

Step 4: The Panel

Step 5: Charge Controller

Step 6: Mistake

When colleague Chen had a really bad day in work ;)

Step 7: First Test

battery voltage

Step 8: The LoRa Gateway Is Working!

Step 9: Charging Process

Step 10: Full Sunshine Partly Cloudy

Step 11: I Added 12v 12Ah Battery

Step 12: Measuring Difference Between 12v 12Ah and 12v 24Ah Battery

Step 13: Cloudy Weather

Step 14: Measurements

Step 15: Fog on Week

Step 16: Family Side Effect, Night Lighting From Solar Charged Battery

The bottles on the desk, tomatoes bottles..

Step 17: Mistakes

1, pushed hard the solder

2, first try impregnator: epoxy resin

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