Introduction: DiY Tangle-free Cables!

I was looking at the a-jays and Beats phones(for those who don't get it, go to and ctrl+f phones), they have that tangle-free flat cables. so why not one for my Skullcandy?

NOTE: the cable will look bulky, but in reality it's not that heavy, and the cord unwrap itself over time if you leave it on the table, but that's the price to pay for a tangle free phones, right?

Step 1: Materials and Tools.

Ordinary cable (in this case, my skullcandy Ink'd)
electrical tape
patience, lots of it
large surface (ie. a floor)

Step 2: You Doesn't Have to Go Pro for All Steps in One Page.

1) Roll the electrical tape to the whole width of the cable (or Just as long as space permits, you can attach them together later (You can also go short, it will be much easier in later steps))
2) now close the tape together, it should form a flat surface you want. (make sure both sides are closed together without the glue stuff leftover)
3) Do the same for the other side, this will make the cable much stronger.
4) close both sides by warp the tape Around them.
5) ....
6) Profit !