Introduction: Diameter Pi Pie

 Pi is the amount of diameters you can stretch along the circumference of a circle, right? So what if you could visually represent the concept of Pi using Pie? Now you can!

For an easier version you could buy a small and large pie tin, and use frosting for the internal boarders, but that didn’t seem cool enough for this contest. I wanted separate diameter arc pies.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

   1. Instant Pie crust
   2. Instant Pudding
   3. Decorative Icing (optional)
   1. Paper (tape if paper isn’t large enough for your pie)
   2. Compass
   3. Protractor
   4. Tin Foil
   5. Knife
   6. Rolling Pin
   7. Mixer and Bowl
   8. Cookie sheet/tray

Step 2: Paper Template

Draw your outer and inner circle on your paper.  Draw lines at 0 degrees, 114 degrees, 228 degrees, and 342 degrees.

   Note: You’ll notice some additional lines on my photo because I needed to make do without a protractor so I printed one out, and used my 30-60-90 triangle so that I only need to measure a few degrees off.

Step 3: Making Your Tins

Form the tin foil in the shape drawn on the paper to create 4 tins. 3 the same arc length and 1 that is 14% the arc length of the others, with walls an inch or two high. Personally I connected each tin using an additional strip of tin foil.

Step 4: Making the Crust

Make the dough, and roll it flat. Then cut it so that it’s the same shape as your doughnut (there should be some excess you should put aside), but with an additional inch or two both at the inner and outer diameter. Place this over your tin foil mold and cut it where each tin butts up against the other. Press it into your tin and use the excess for the walls between each tin.

   Note: You may notice some additional texture to the dough in my photo; this is because I only had wheat flour.

Step 5: Pudding

Bake the crust as instructed. While it’s baking make the pudding. Pull the pie out and let it cool.

   Note: If you find when you remove the crust that some of it collapsed (like I did), use tinfoil to put it back upright while cooling.

Step 6:

Fill the pie with the pudding. Draw the diameter symbols using the Icing. Try to make the diameter symbol on the small pie about 14% the size of the symbol on the larger pies.

   Note: If you have extra dough you may want to make the symbols out of that instead.

Step 7: All Done

Layout to show off, laugh, and enjoy.

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