Diamond Head Paper Plane !

Introduction: Diamond Head Paper Plane !

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Diamond Head paper Plane....

Hmm.. I was unable to find a more catchy name for this Paper Plane :)

This Plane Can have a semi-automatic Flight Time of around 15-20 sec depending on the launch speed and trajectory. Trust me it can even fly above clouds if released from the top of Mount Everest!

It is a great project to utilize your 1-2 minutes of time which you may have wasted while breathing:)

I know You Surely want To know What's So Special About This Plane, Right?

Well, Let Me Think.....

Sorry Error 404, Lets Move to next Step -

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Bill Of Materials, Seriously?

As I have added this step so I Have To Give You A brief Introductions To some of The rarest materials found on the earth needed to make this project and These are :

1. Paper

2. Hands (You Can Borrow Your Friend's Hand For Some Time)

3. Patience (I Don't Have But It's Great To Have one)

4. This Instructable (Most Important, Even More than The Oxygen On This Planet)

5. Next Step :)

Step 2: Let's Make It

Well, You Need to Fold The Paper As Shown in those blurry images above.

But, Before you do this Step, let me tell you that this step is highly tedious and can drain all your energy if you didn't take preventive measures like having glucose, chocolates or protein shakes in between!

Step 3: Making the Diamond Head

Disclaimer : It Does Not Include Use of actual diamonds.

It Just Includes folding of the Plane's Head To Give It A Great Shape And This Instructable A Great Title!

Just Have A Look at those blurry Images Above And Move To The Next Step:-

Step 4: Lets Fly

Now Shoot This plane in the sky and make sure to study all laws of physics before complaining me about the plane in the discussion tab!

And Please Forgive me For the worst Pictures of the Year.

These Were The Best I Could Take, Sorry Due to Covid Restrictions I Could Not Fly It Outdoors.

Hope You Understand :(

Step 5: Going Above Limits !

If You Want your Plane to cross limits and go above clouds, Please Feel free to go to Mount Everest and launch your 'Diamond Headed Plane' From There!

‎And please, Don't Expect Pictures of this Plane above Clouds As I Forgot To Bring My Camera With Me while I Was Launching the plane From Mount Everest. And So I Am Writing this Instructables. Well, You Can Try This on your own.

Try on Your Own Risk!

The Plane Can Even be Hijacked By Strong Winds and Hailstorms There!

Step 6: There Is No Step 6

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