Introduction: Diamond Paper Weights

This is a guide on creating Diamond-shaped paperweights made out of casting plaster!


- High impact polystyrene (HIP)

- Pen/Pencil (For marking on HIP)

- Scissors

- Tape

- Yogurt cup (For measuring and holding up the product)

- Plaster

- Water

- Optional: Coloring and Sand paper

Step 1: Drawing Out and Cutting Out

Firstly, you can try drawing it out on a piece of paper first, just to try and to make sure it's at the desired size you want it to be.

1. Draw out five identical triangles onto the practice paper or HIP, (You can, of course, decide what size you want it to be keeping in mind its usage) possibly drawing on the edge or sides of the material to reduce waste and have an easier cut. (Seen in Photo)

2. Measure out the base of the triangles because that's gonna be the size of the side pieces, (The one shown in the photo is 6.5 cm) once you have the measurements now create the side parts, draw out the measured size of the connecting part, then draw the side (The side height can be chosen as see fit) making sure its slightly slanted, meaning the top should be smaller than the bottom. (See Photo)

3. Once done with steps 1 and 2, now it's time to cut! Cut out all the drawn shapes (see photo)

Step 2: Taping the Pieces Together

1. I used clear tape in taping the tops of the triangles top part long trapezoids and taping the five triangles together, (See photos) making all the triangles close as possible next to each other having their sides touch each other for no leakage (Tape on the outside for a smoother finish)

Step 3: Mix and Pour

1. Prepare your plaster mix by mixing 3 yogurt cups of water, and two yogurt cups of plaster powder, mix well till the mixture is fully mixed (No clumps and power bits), make sure it's not too watery or thick, if so add more plaster powder and if its to thick add more water

2. Once done mixing, place your mold onto the yogurt cup and pour the mixture in, make sure it's sitting nicely on the yogurt cup to avoid spills

3. Optional: you can add color if you would like using as many drops of color to get your desired shade

Step 4: Removing the Mold

1. After the plaster has dried, using a cutter the help cut the tape off, remove the tape and gently remove the mold

2. Once the mold is removed, there can be some defects on your piece such as unsmooth parts which you can sand off in the optional step

Step 5: Finished! + Optional Step

Now you have an awesome paperweight which you made and can now use!

Optional step:

Sanding and polishing your piece

you can use sandpaper and a knife to shave out and smoothen you piece for optimal results, you can shave out the defects with a cutter and sand your product for a smooth finish with sand paper or a sanding block