Introduction: Diamond Shaped Bookcase for DVDs, Video Games or Manga

I made this desktop book case to house a few of my wifes ever growing manga collection. So all my measurements are designed to hold these slightly larger than paperback books they just happen to be almost identical in size to DVD cases. You may not have manga but most folks have DVD's so this hould still be helpful.

Special thanks to Daryl Kaswinkel for a sketch that inspired this book case.

There are two sections to this build:
1. Making the boxes
2. Making the frame the boxes rest in

Don't use your saw without the propper equipment, training and always make sure you follow the safety instructions to prevent kickback.

Step 1: Materials

One 2x4 sheet of 1/2 inch MDF board (Medium Density Fiberboard)
Two 2x4 sheet of 1/4 inch MDF board

Table Saw
Miter Gague
Angle Clamps
Paint Brushes

Step 2: Making the Sides of the Boxes

I got my MDF at Home Depot. They sell it in (somewhat) easy to maneuver 2x4 sheets.

The boxes consist of 3 parts.

The Sides
The Back
The Top and Bottom

Set your table saw to 5 3/8 inches and cut three lengths from the long side of the MDF. Set asside the left over section for the backs of the boxes.

Now set your saw to 8 1/4.
Subdivide the first plank into sections that are 8 1/4 inches long.
You should get 5 per plank and little scrap left over.
Subdivide the second plank to get your final 3 sections.

You need 8 of these.

8 1/4 x 5 3/8 (x8)

Step 3: Making the Top and Bottom of the Boxes.

Set your table saw to 7 3/4 inches and continue to cut your current plank. You should get 3 sections on your currnet plank with just about an inch left over.

Use the Third Plank and subdivide it until you have 8 pieces at 5 3/8 x 7 3/4 (x8)

5 3/8 x 7 3/4 (x8)

Step 4: Making the Backs of the Boxes

Take the left over plank and sub divide it into squares 7 3/4 inches on each side. You need 4 of these.

7 3/4 x 7 3/4 (x4)

Step 5: Finishing the Boxes.

Using the angle clamps glue the edge of the smaller 7 3/4 board to the side of the 8 1/2 board. Use the 7 3/4 x 7 3/4 board sections as a brace to make sure they are square.

Repeat that 8 times.

Now put glue on all 4 edges of th 7 3/4 x 7 3/4 board and move the L shaped section together around it. Repeat that 8 times.

Perfect fit.

You now have your 4 boxes!

Prime them and set them asside to dry.

Step 6: Making the Top of the Base.

Since all the weight of the bookcase is going on to the base I made it out of 1/2 inch MDF.

Cut two boards 5 3/8 wide x 16 1/2. On the 5 3/8 ends cut both ends to have 45 degree angles.

Step 7: Making the Sides of the Base and Gluing

Cut two squares 11 5/8 x 11 5/8.

Set your miter guage to 45 degrees and cut four large right triangles by cutting the squares from corner to corner.

I secured a 2x4 to my miter gague to give me the extra length I needed to make the cut more reliably.

Glue the base top to two of the triangles. Note the orientation of the 45 degree angles on the top board are facing up.

This is so you can fit both halves together on the base.

Step 8:

Cut a board 24 x 8
Now center and glue the 2 right triangles together meeting in the center of the board.

Step 9: Prime and Paint to Your Liking

Prime and paint the base and the individual boxes to your liking. I'm choosing Colonial Red.

Fill with Manga or DVD's and enjoy.