Diapers Organizer

Introduction: Diapers Organizer

do your baby's diapers fall off their bag and you have a mess everywhere?
the solution is simple from materials inside your house

  • bring any box you have but to have its dimensions at least 9" X 6" (largest diaper size to fit inside)
  • scissors
  • pen
  • rapping paper or sticker

Step 1: Prepare Your Box

cut a bottom horizontal rectangular about 8" wide to get the diapers from

cut a vertical window to see the level of diapers inside

Step 2: Decorating

cover your box with the paper or sticker you have

then cut the paper where you opened the box

Step 3: We Are Done

put the diapers and make a mark where it ill be the time to buy new diapers

i put my mark for the last 4 diapers for example

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