Introduction: Diary Cover From Old Denim Jeans

Hello everyone

i made this project because i have plenty of old jeans which i am not using, its a waste for me.

so i just thought to do some creative things with it.

The things required to make a denim diary cover are

1) Old jeans

2) Diary

3) Scissor

4) sewing thread and needle

5) some decorative flowers

6) Glue

Thats it now we are ready to make some intrusting stuff

Step 1: Measurement of Denim Required to Cover the Diary

First we have to measure our diary length and width and note it down

mark the measurement on the jeans(NOTE: Take margin of total 4 cm in length as well as in width)

while cutting it is really important to cut the jeans in a straight line otherwise it will not look good when we will finish the task.

(For marking use chalk or pencil so that we can remove it after completion.

Step 2: Cutting the Jeans

After measurement place the diary in open position on the jeans so thatr you will also get an idea about the cutting technique and dimensions of the jeans to be cut.

cut extra 4 cm margin both from length and width

After cutting place the diary on the cut piece so that you will get an idea that how it will look after completion.

Step 3: Placing the Jeans Cut Piece Correctly

while placing the jeans margin inside the diary keep in mind that we want the full pocket outside on the face of the diary.

put some glue on the edges of the diary from inside and stick 2 cm of jeans cloth on it from both the back side and front side cardboard of the diary.

than leave the diary for some time.

After 20 minutes we can again work on it.

Step 4: Doing Great Things With Thread and Needle

After gluing we will see that extra cloth is left on the left hand side of the diary so with the help of thread we will knit it with our own pattern.

To give a better finish we can make the edges more clean with threads and needle.

Step 5: Adding Flowers to Our Progress

Now in last step we will pinup some handmade flowers or different stickers.

i used the flowers made by my lovely mom.

thank you have a great day.

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