Diary Ribbon Placemarker



Introduction: Diary Ribbon Placemarker

Ever saw a diary you liked in the store but didn't buy it because it didn't have a built-in ribbon place / bookmarker? Well, go ahead and buy it because it doesn't take much to install your own.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Besides your lovely diary, gather the things you need:

Thin ribbon. Make sure it's long enough to run the length of the diary and poke out some at the bottom plus 3/4 to 1 inch allowance for securing the ribbon to the spine of the diary. I've chosen the silver satin one on the right -- it used to be one of those dress pants hanger loops. Hooray, I'm re-purposing!

All-purpose adhesive that you can use on paper and cloth. I used UHU glue.

Thin flat instrument that fits in the space between the outer cover and the spine of the diary. Mine is a rather thin diary, less than 1-cm thick, so I used one of the blades of a thin pair of scissors.

Step 2: Open Up Some Space

If you're working with a thin diary, like mine, you need to gently open up the space between the cover and the diary at the top of the spine, so it’s easier to slot in the ribbon later. If this space is easily accessible, you can skip this step.

Slot the scissor blade (or your instrument of choice) into the narrow space between the outer cover and the spine of the diary, to open up the space.

PS: I'm showing this on the bottom on the diary, because this Instructable was made after I'd done everything. ;-P

Step 3: Glue and Slot in Ribbon

Note: Work fairly quickly to avoid the glue drying before this step is complete.

Spread a thin line of UHU glue to one side of the 3/4 - 1 inch allowance on the ribbon.

Glue side facing the paper spine of the diary (not the cover), carefully slot the allowance end of the ribbon into the narrow space. You can do this with just your fingers, scissor blade or instrument of choice to help push the ribbon in. Be careful not to scrape off any glue onto the top of the diary pages. If it happens, just quickly wipe it off, before the glue dries.

The glue should still mostly be wet, so you can use the scissor blade to push and slide the ribbon down the spine to the desired depth.

Use the scissor blade to press the glued ribbon surface into the spine to ensure it sticks.

Step 4: Trim Bottom End and It's Ready to Use!

Lay the ribbon down through the diary and trim the bottom end to the desired length by cutting at a slant.
Hooray, now my diary is complete with a placemarker!

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