Introduction: Diary Cover Organiser,holds Pens & More

I need to carry my work diary, pen, phone and specs around and got fed up with four fiddly things and only two hands so I made this strap/organiser to keep it all together. It saves time fishing around the floor of the car, in my bag (it’s the Tardis in there), or through my many pockets. My diary is A5 so the measurements reflect this. None of the measurements is critical, as long as the elastic is stretched tight enough to keep the strap on the hard cover, and keep the gubbins on/in the strap. (I think it’s a bit dull in plain black so I gave this to my friend and made another for myself in a stiffened Liberty fabric with blue elastic)
Thanks to for ‘Sketch Journal with Holders’, it was the inspiration for this re-usable adaptation.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials & Tools:
Webbing 3cm wide (I used the strap from a discarded camera bag)
Elastic 3cm wide x 22cm long (also from the discarded camera bag)
Straight pins or chalk/pen for marking the webbing
Sewing machine (or a needle, thread and thimble if you have the patience)

Step 2: Cut to Size

Cut the the webbing 38cm long and the elastic into 2 pieces: 1 x 16cm long; 1 x 6cm long

Step 3: Mark the Webbing

Measure and mark the webbing (with pins or chalk) at 10cm (the start of the elastic holding part). Measure further along for the width of your phone, further along again for your pen, and further again for your specs /mini maglight/swiss army knife/lipstick - whatever you fancy!

Step 4: Attach Elastic

Fold one end of the 16cm piece of elastic by 1cm (this is the hem, so it won’t unravel) and stitch it onto the webbing where the first pin is, sew back and forth 2 or 3 times.

Step 5: Stretch Elastic Into Position

Pull the end of the elastic to the last marker and pin it in place, this makes an even stretch. Remember to turn under the 1cm hem at this end too. Now sew the elastic at the first mark; and again at the next mark, and so on. When you reach the end, sew 2 or 3 rows as before to be sure, to be sure!

Step 6: Make the Circle

Fold each piece of the shorter elastic at either end by 1 cm and sew onto each end of the webbing. Sew back and forth 2 or 3 times again so it’s secure.

Step 7: Use It!

6 Stretch it over the cover of your diary – and away you go!