Introduction: Dice Roller

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The components you'll need for this project is:

  • 3 220ohm resistors
  • 2 Push buttons
  • 1 Potentiometer
  • 1 LCD screen
  • Arduino Uno Microcontroller
  • Handful of jumper wires.

intro image reference:

Step 1: Buttons and Potentiometer

First, what you want to do is connect your 5V and Ground pin to the breadboard as well as prepare 2 buttons and 1 potentiometer.

Step 2: Wiring the Buttons

Go ahead and hook up both buttons to their digital pins. In this diagram, you can see I connected the left most button to pin 2 and the right button to pin 3. This is important for our code later.

Step 3: Power and Grounding Our Inputs

Next add the power and ground cables to both buttons and the potentiometer. Keep in mind, the two buttons will need two 220ohm resistors.

Step 4: Adding Our LCD Screen

Next we'll bring out the heavy equipment and drop an LCD screen onto the breadboard.

Step 5: Power and Ground Our LCD Screen

Get some of the basic wiring done by power and grounding the LCD screen (note the 220 ohm resistor on the right most power cable [red cable]).

Next be sure to link the potentiometer to the LCD screen to adjust brightness etc.

Step 6: Tie Up the Loose Ends on the LCD

Last step!

Simply match the digital pins up on the LCD to the Arduino Uno, the should go near about right across to easy visability.

Step 7: Here's the Code!

I take credit in the intro screen for making this device, but this can be edited in the intro function at the bottom for whatever means necessary.