Introduction: Dicetray With Engraved Logo

mdf dicetray, engraved with logo and dice symbols.

Perfect for D&D or other roleplaying games!


mdf board, measuring 300x600x4mm

Step 1: Creating the Pieces With the Lasercutter

The dicetray was designed using AutoCAD, resulting in two pdf files ready for use in a lasercutter machine.

The dicetray requires one mdf board measuring 300x600x4mm.

You will need the following settings:

Black: engrave

Blue: cut, but at low intensity, so that it will actually engrave

Red: cut

The file "dicetray achterkant" is to be engraved on the back of the mdf board first. Flip the board to the other side and run the file "dicetray", which will engrave the front and finally cut the pieces.

Step 2: Assembly

Assemble the 8 sides in any desired order. Attach them to the base using glue.

That's how we roll.