Introduction: Dictatorship Shakshuka

The Shakshuka is a family favourite. Reasonably quick to prepare without much hassle, it's great with almost anything. I'd personally suggest serving this with mantou bread or wraps. I believe this fantastic dish originated from North Africa. I had Shakshuka for the first time in Dumyat, Egypt the same day the whole nation erupted into uprising. I had also tasted an interesting variation of Shakshuka in Algeciras, which is a Spanish port town across the Mediterranean. As a standard, we give all our family dishes a codename. Bon appetit ladies and gents!

Step 1: The Ingredients

One huge juicy tomato
Black pepper
Eggs, obviously

Step 2: 20-min SHAKSHUKA

-Smack butter on heated non stick pan. Spread.
-apply onions into the mix, 5 minutes
-and then garlic, 5 minutes
-then tomatoes, 5 minutes
-add salt to taste
-and now add eggs, be careful not to obliterate the yolk. Recommend 4 eggs.
-let it cook for 5 minutes. Apply black pepper. Apply parsley.