Introduction: My Diesel Ball Peen Hammer

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I made this hammer using a push rod from a diesel engine, a ball bearing, 3/8th steel dowel, and a piece of rubber hose.

Dimensions are ¾” X 2¾” for the business end and roughly 8” X ¾” for the handle.

I cut the rod to size. Then I welded on a ball bearing and ground it down for the bell side of the hammer. I welded the dowel on for a handle and slipped over a piece of rubber hose for grip. To finish it off I beveled the end of the hose.

If your not quite sure what a push rod is, it’s an internal part of an engine between the camshaft and rocker arm. See the link below and scroll down ¾ of the way for more info.

It’s my “go to” hammer for my jewelry instructables; five years old and still holding up.