Diesel, Trailer, and Indy Car

Introduction: Diesel, Trailer, and Indy Car

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Hello. This is my diesel, trailer, and indy car that I made. I hope you like and please comment!

Step 1: Diesel

Make the diesel.

1. Make 3 of these
2. Connect with red rods
3. Make the steering wheel
4. Make the seats
5. Add the steering wheel
6. Add the seats
7. Another picture
8. Make this
9. Add here
10. Make 2 of these
11. Make 4 of these
12. Connect with orange and white rods so you have 2 of these
13. Add a red rod and one of the pieces from picture 10
14. Make this
15. Add in here
16. Add the other piece from picture 10
17. Get these
18. Add here
19. Connect to the front end
20. Add 2 blue spacers on each blue rod that sticks out
21. Add tires and blue-silver clips

Step 2: Trailer

Make the trailer.

1. Make 2 of these
2. Connect like this
3. Make this
4. Another picture
5. Add on here
6. Make the opening back door
7. Add the back door
8. Make this
9. Connect
10. Make 12 of these
11. Make 2 of these
12. Make this
13. Add extras
14. Another picture
15. Add these on diesel
16. Add trailer

Step 3: Indy Car

Make the indy car. If you make 2, make sure you've read the note on picture 13 of the last step so both indy cars fit.

1. The indy car
2. Make 2 of these
3. Connect like this
4. Make 4 of these
5. Add on here
6. Add bendy rods
7. Add spacers
8. And this
9. More spacers
10. Make this
11. Add on here
12. Add yellow rods and this
13. Add these
14. Make this
15. Tires you'll need later
16. Add on here (picture 14)
17. Add this
18. Make this
19. Add on here
20. Get these
21. Add on here
22. Add blue spacers
23. Add 2 small tires on each side and blue-silver clips
24. Add these tires
25. If you don't have those tires, and had to use white rods, do this
26. Completed

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7 years ago

I built it and made some modifications using other people's parts that they had invented. It has working manual steering, front and trailer independent suspension, an engine, exhaust and a working steering wheel that works with the steering. Please reply to me if you would like to see it. I'm working on a gearbox. All due credit to people who's parts I used.


7 years ago

This is a fantastic set of instructions. It's absolutely brilliant, neat, and well thought-out. Please tell other people to do it like this. Brilliant.

knex dude 2000
knex dude 2000

8 years ago on Step 3

Sweet instructable . How did you remember how to make instructions. I might build it.


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

thanks for the instructions i am going to biuld the trailer and make my knex custom truck pull it.


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

wow i made the traller 3 ft and 2 f1 cars and dirt bike and atvs and i made it alot ausomeer but it was still sweet in the beging


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

parts diesel: rods: green:50 white:51 blue:24 yellow:6 red:12 bendey yello/orange:1 connectors: dark gray:1 orange:6 red:13 green:7 yellow:14 white:21 purple:39 other: y clips:6 blue spacer:10 gray spacer:7 tan/blue clip:7 medium wheels:6 very small wheel:1 total:269 trailer: rods: green:31 white:30 blue:66 yellow:56 red:31 connectors: orange:2 lt gray:2 red:2 green:4 yellow:19 white:22 purple:66 blue:6 other: y clip:6 blue spacer:8 gray spacer:4 total 355! indy car: rods: green:43 white:14 yellow:8 bendy yellows:7 connectors: dark gray:2 orange:2 lt gray:4 red:6 yellow:4 purple:22 blue:14 other: blue spacer:10 gray spacer:10 tan /blue clip:2 small tire:4 snap-on tire:2 if you want i can also give you the everthing parts list to if you want


12 years ago on Step 1

step 1 pic 6 lower the flash plz.


12 years ago on Introduction

its a pretty cool setup but i think im going to make it bigger and try to put a sprint car in it that i made