Introduction: Dieselpunk Full Metal Coffee Table

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this is an indistructable coffeetable i´ve made.

It´s not really step by step but with the pictures it´s comprehensable i think.


you will need some leftover meters of 90° anglesteel and some tubes.
an metallplate.
for the stands i´ve used some old brakediscs.
four screws for fixing the the disc at thr table.


Metallsaw, the best is an bandsaw ithink, you can cut an exact angle and measures without any reworking.
an electric cutgrinder
an rasp
and an MIG/MAG Welding machine


At first i thought about the size of the table and specified the dimensions.
the i cut the metalplate to exact 90° angles, thats important otherwise it will not fit in the frame!
the i cut the four pieces for of angle steel for the frame, 2x longside of the plate+45°, 2x short side of the frame +45°
weld the frameparts togheter, fix it googd on an stable ground and take care theres no delay from welding, it need to be exact.
grind down the weldings to a smooth surface.

cutting the tubes for the brakedisc holders in the lenght you need and drill the holes for the screws.
cut the legs for the table and the framesupporting strut.

weld the brakedischolder to the tablelegs and this to the struts, be very careful to do it in exact 90° otherwise the table could maybe wiggle and wobble a bit.

screw the discs to the holders.
put the frame with it´s uppersinde to the floor.

noe weld the legs withn the supporter strut side to the underside of the frame again you need to be very careful about the angles and measures.

put the hole thing on it´s legs, it now should look like an table.
now put the plate to the frame, if you´ve worked good it should fit exact to the frame lying on the supporter struts.

if it fits, do some weldingspots in the corners of the underside to fix the plate
if it doesn´t fit you need to grind down till it fits.

hope you like

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