Introduction: Diet Helper

用途 -

幫助減肥的人,不要一直開冰箱找東西吃,減少吃食物的機會,達到瘦身的目的。 提醒照護失智和小胖威力症的人,冰箱已經被患者打開,要警覺和有所反應。

To help people who want to lose weight, avoid them to open the refrigerator to find something to eat , reduce the chance of eating food, and achieve the purpose of slimming. Remind people who care for dementia and Prader-Willi Syndrome, the refrigerator has been opened by the patient, be alert and react.

方法 -

Method -
A warning device that combines a photoresistor, a horn, and an LED light is placed in the refrigerator. When the refrigerator is opened, the LED light will illuminate, and it will be used to warn people who want to open the refrigerator to find food. At the same time, the horn will also make a squeak, which can remind others to stop the glutton.

我常常習慣性地開冰箱找東西吃,不知不覺中會攝取過多的熱量。另外,我的爺爺有糖尿病和失智症,也會一直開冰箱找東西吃,讓血糖難以控制。 為了警告自己要減少開冰箱的次數和讓照顧爺爺的人可以及時發現冰箱被打開。因此,我設計了一個感光發亮的警報器,可以協助有這方面困擾的人。

I often habitually open the refrigerator to find something to eat, and I will inadvertently consume too much calories. In addition, my grandfather has diabetes and dementia, and will always open the refrigerator to find something to eat, making blood sugar difficult to control. In order to warm myself to reduce the number of times the refrigerator is opened and the person who takes care of my grandfather can find out in time that the refrigerator is opened. Therefore, I designed a sensitized alarm that can help people with this problem.


材料 / Materials

Arduino 麵包板 / Breadboard *1

LED燈 / LED Light * 4

喇叭 / Horn *1

電線 / Wire 藍色電阻 / Blue resistor *1

電阻(220V) / (220V) resistor * 4

光敏感測器 / photoresistor * 1

行動電源 / Power bank *1

紙盒 / Paper box *1

筆電 / Laptop *1

Step 1: Step One: Connect the Circuit


Put all the circuits together according to the three circuit diagrams.

Step 2: Step Two: Code


void setup()



pinMode( 12 , OUTPUT);

pinMode( 11 , OUTPUT);

pinMode( 10 , OUTPUT);

pinMode( 9 , OUTPUT);


void loop()


Serial.print(analogRead( A0 ));

Serial.print(" ");


if (( ( analogRead( A0 ) ) < ( 600.0 ) ))


digitalWrite( 12 , LOW );

digitalWrite( 11 , LOW );

digitalWrite( 10 , LOW );

digitalWrite( 9 , LOW );




{ digitalWrite( 12 , HIGH );

digitalWrite( 11 , HIGH );

digitalWrite( 10 , HIGH );

digitalWrite( 9 , HIGH );

tone(6, 440.0, 1000.0); }


Step 3: Decoration

1. Find a box to place the Breadboard inside the box

2. Use the box cutter to cut a hole on the box

3. Stick some wrapping paper on the box to let your box become prettier

4. Cut a hole for the wire to connect the computer

Step 4: Step 4: Video

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