Introduction: Different Ways to Use Crayons

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Crayons are a typical tools found in the classroom, they're great for learning to colour. However there are many other uses to "colour" with crayon. Here's a couple of ideas!

Step 1: Melted Crayon Tree

One of the most popular methods to use crayons is to melt it.

Step 2: What You Will Need

You will need:

Newspaper (to protect your workspace)
Canvas (it's ok if it's dirty!)
Black permanent marker
Something to prop up the canvas
Hair dryer

Step 3: Draw the Trunk

Draw a trunk and some branches with your permanent marker. Colour it in solid.

Step 4: Prop Up Your Canvas and Start Melting

Prop up your canvas away from you, just until we get some wax on there. Turn on your hair dryer on low and as hot as you can get. The crayon will start to melt. Put a puddle of melted crayon on the top. Change the colour and keep going.

Step 5: Keep Going

Keep melting along the top. Once you got the top covered, turn the canvas towards you and prop up your canvas until it's almost vertical.

Step 6: More Melting!

Keep blasting the heat and add more splashes of colour. What I did was simultaneously "draw" and melt at the same time. Keep going until you are happy with it.

Step 7: Crayon Peacock

To make the crayon peacock you are going to need the same materials as the tree, but without the permanent marker. The only colours you'll need blue, green, and yellow.

Step 8: Sketch Bird

With the blue crayon lightly sketch the outline of the bird.

Step 9: Draw While Hot

Using the hairdryer heat up the canvas. While it's hot, "draw" with the crayon. You'll notice that it is going to go on like paint. Fill in the bird with blue. Leave some space at the bottom.

Step 10: Heat and Drip

Add extra was at the bottom and let it drip.

Step 11: Add Green and Yellow

Add green and yellow and continue to drip.

Step 12: "Draw" Draw Feathers

While the canvas is hot, "draw" feathers with yellow. It will still be hot so you can mix the colours too.

Step 13: Background

Heat the top of the canvas and add dots of green and yellow. Stop when you are happy with it.

Step 14: Let Your Imagination Soar!

Now that you have both techniques under your belt, let your imagination soar! You can add embellishments, origami (as seen above), create pointillism pieces. what ever you want! Have fun!

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