Introduction: Diffusion Pump

As an intern (for steve) I tend to get all the sucky jobs, sweeping floors on fridays, welding frames,gutting and re-designing the internals of an EDM, designing and building a hydrogen glow brazing rig that might use a diffusion pump salvaged from a rubbish bin IF it works, fixing the pump if it doesn't work, ask Instructables for help on the pump, etc. Wait, most of those are pretty fun and everyone else sweeps on fridays too, hmm, and yet I'm an "intern".

Anyway, I need the physics peoples help. I have a diffusion pump that steve found in a dumpster somewhere. No idea how well it works or even if it works at all, I need to know how to hook it up to see if it even runs and then I can proceed with more science!
 And drudgery, given that I'm a lowly intern who nobody listens to, although there was this one time I saved us and perhaps even made us a bunch of money when I was browsing ebay....