Introduction: Digestive System Cake!

This is a cake I made with my friends as part of a project for my medical class. We had to do something to teach the rest of the class medical terminology. So we made cupcakes with a med term on it and secretly we put a piece of paper inside each cupcake that said the definition. Then there was a race... who could eat the cupcake first. It was the funniest thing ever when the students started to take out the pieces of paper (it was rolled up and big so you wouldn't miss it) and start to open it up. In the end, the lesson was a big success in that the people that participated in the race really remembered the med terms. So the cake is kind of just a bonus but it was fun making it and since the med terms were related to the digestive system- we drew the digestive system on the cake.

The cake tasted amazing as well. We just used white boxed cake mix and whipped frosting, so very easy to make. But we added dried cranberries into the center and it made the cake taste so good. For decorating we just drew an outline of a person, with an outline of the digestive system inside. Then I mixed some colors up using mixtures of powdered sugar, water, and food coloring. Then using a new paintbrush we filled in the organs with color. Then we simple labeled it, and added red sprinkles and color around it. After we finished it though, we had to admit it looked better black and white or colored without the sprinkles. BUT it was a lot of fun to do and the people in our class loved it :)