Introduction: Digispark Attiny 85 With Arduino IDE

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Digispark is a microcontroller board which has ATTINY 85 MCU as its heart and running with 16.5Mhz frequency with 8KB of memory and have 5 GPIO pins, this MCU board is cheapest and smallest Arduino Board available in the market good for wearables and small projects.

Step 1: Get the Board


BUY digispark:



so first of all you need to buy a Digispark board and the affiliate links are in description:-

Step 2: Install Boards

first of all open Arduino ide and then go to preferences and then in additional board magae url paste this given url for Digispark :-

Now go to boards manager and download the Digispark boards.

Step 3: Programming Board

select the given settings

Board- Digispark Default 16.5mhz

Programmer - micronucleus

And hit upload button and you'll get a message at very bottom on arduino ide to plug the device within 60 sec then plug the device and if everything worked fine then you'll get a message micronucleus done thank you that means code has been uploaded and your led will start blinking.

Refer video if having problem.

Thank you