Digital Card Display With Raspberry Pi

Introduction: Digital Card Display With Raspberry Pi

Here's my custom Raspberry Pi 3 digital card display. It cycles through images of my favorite trading cards like Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, baseball, hockey, football, etc. It's an alternative if you don't want to use one of those digital photo frames. With this 5 inch LCD, the displayed cards are almost the same size as the real life cards.

Check out my youtube video for a more thorough tutorial:

Step 1: Parts

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ kit

Waveshare 5 Inch HDMI LCD

Waveshare 5 in LCD manual

Step 2: Raspbian OS

This custom build of Raspbian has the drivers for the display already setup. Use etcher to burn it to a 8GB or more microSD card.

Raspbian Image with Waveshare setup

Waveshare 5 in LCD manual

Step 3: Download Images

High quality card images can be found on Google images or from

Step 4: Feh Image Viewer

Install feh image viewer

sudo apt-get install feh

sudo apt-get install unclutter

sudo apt-get install xscreensaver

feh command DISPLAY=:0.0 XAUTHORITY=/home/pi/.Xauthority /usr/bin/feh --quiet --preload --randomize --full-screen --scale-down --auto-zoom --reload 360 -Y --slideshow-delay 60.0 ~/cards/pokemon/

Autoboot card display
sudo nano /home/pi/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart


Step 5: Bezel

I created a 3D printed bezel. I printed the label with a color laser. This is completely unnecessary but I wanted to make the display look like a PSA graded card.

3D printed PSA bezel

Step 6: Complete

If you found these steps too complicated, a tablet/smartphone or even digital picture frame will accomplish something similar.


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    5 weeks ago on Step 4

    Can this display thicker relic type cards or is it better for the standard 20pt thickness?