Introduction: Digital Clock Using Internal RTC of STM32L476

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This tutorial guides to making digital clock at home and can run as long as it is powered by power source.It uses internal registers of microcontroller and does not requires external RTC .

Step 1: Install STM32CUBEMX and Keil With Packages for STM32L476.

Step 2: Make Electronics Interfacing for Your Project.

Electronics components needed for this project is :-

1)16x2 alphanumeric LCD

2)STM32L476 nucleo board.

3)Bread board

4)Jumper wires.

5)One laptop with windows installed.

Connection of LCD and STM32L476 board are mentioned below:-

STM32L476 - LCD

5V - PIN2

NA - 1K resistor connected to GND

PB10 - RS

PB11 - RW

PB2 - EN

PB12 - D4

PB13 - D5

PB14 - D6

PB15 - D7

5V - PIN15


Step 3: Selecting Microcontroller in STM32CUBEMX

Open cubemx and select nucleo64 board with microcontroller as STM32L476.

Step 4: Making Selections in Stm32cubemx.

Make necessary selections in STM32cubemx according to images shown in this tutorial.

Step 5: Press the RESET Button of Board and Find Time and Date Running on Your LCD.

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