Introduction: Digital Dice 4 Steps

In life, we always use dice to decide anything, like dice games, board games, and games of chance. This project increases the convenience of dice. This digital dice is bigger than the original one, so that could prevent dice from falling off the table or disappearing while storage. The original idea was from I added another function of sound for a more amusing game experience.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

1. LED x6

2. wire x10

3. resistance x7

4. button x1

5. breadboard x1

6. carton

7. cutting tool

Step 2: The Circuit and Code

Step 3: Exterior

1. cut the carton into a perfect shape

2. put your breadboard in

4. decorate the work

3. connect your USB-B transfer

Step 4: Finish

Enjoy your game!