Introduction: Digital Fireplace Screen

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Create an amazing looking artificial fireplace in a single afternoon.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Wooden Fireplace surround

Wooden Mantel Shelf

3D Foam Stone Brick Self-adhesive Wallpaper

Metal Fireplace Screen Protector

32" Smart LED TV

1x6 and 1x4 boards

Step 2: Begin Building the Frame to Contain Your LED Screen

Assemble the fireplace surround

(using 1x6 boards mount then across where the top and bottom of the screen will be)

Step 3: Mount Screen

Place a board under the TV to hold it up inside the frame, mount another board behind the screen to hold it in place.

Step 4: Check Screen Is Mounted and Stable

Make sure it looks squared away when placed upright.

Step 5: Final Assembly

Stain the wood to desired color and screw on the front the metal fireplace screen to give the screen a more authentic fireplace look.

Using the foam 3D brick, simply cut it and stick around where the screen is, it will cover any gaps in your boards used to surround the screen.

Step 6: Mount to the Wall and Finished!

Find the studs in your wall, mount a 2x4 flat across the wall screwing it in to the studs of the wall, then simply hang the fireplace and mantel by resting it on top of the mounted 2x4. The electrical cord should come out the bottom side to plug in.

Watching a fire:

Since this is a Smart TV you can play videos of fireplaces found online, it very quickly starts working and looks pretty slick, thanks for checking out the instructable!

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