Digital HD TV Antenna




Introduction: Digital HD TV Antenna

Flat panel type antennas are reported for the reception of digital terrestrial TV on technical standards using the COFDM modulation frequency, such as ISDB-T standard used in Argentina.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-PVC tube 4cm of diameter and 80 cm length

- Galvanized wire 2.7mm

- Wire galvanized or copper 0.8 mm

- Galvanized wire mesh

- 4 Rectangular pieces of plastic

- Bolts, nuts and washers

- Threaded rod 6mm

- Antenna adaptor







Step 2: Begining to Work...

A) Open four windows about 3 cm wide, for plastic parts, 20 cm equidistant from one another.

B) Fold the 2.7 mm galvanized wire as V, let each arm of 20 cm and the distance between centers 12 cm

C) Drill plastic parts with three holes, one in the center and one at each end

D) Screw plastic parts to the pipe and the wires in V (dipoles) in each of its ends

Step 3: Reflecting Mesh

E) Cut a rectangle of mesh wire 2cm larger than the rectangle formed by the four dipoles hubicados already in place.

D) Near the ends of the mesh pierce the wire galvanized 2.7 mm, with a loop at the center

Step 4: Installing the Reflecting Mesh

E) Present the wire mesh above the antenna so that it is centered with respect to the dipoles, mark the position of the loop in the PVC pipe and drill pipe.

F) Cross two pieces of threaded rod in PVC tube, screw and insert the mesh wire in her loops. This has to be separated from 7 or 8 cm of the PVC pipe.

Step 5: Connections

G) With galvanized or copper wire (0.8 mm) make the connections according to the diagram of the following step.

Step 6: Diagram an Final Connection

Following the connections of the dipolos we install de antenna adaptor.

Be carefull with the connections of the dipolos, it will be well separated that one circuit (red), not touch each other(blue)

Versión en español

Step 7: Installing in the Roof

Install the antenna using clamps to grip in the mast....

Conecto to the television and enjoy your programs...!

Good luck, Horace!

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    I like your construction, especially how you connect the reflector. If you don't have threaded rod, carriage bolts will work.

    But the whiskers are too short for VHF,
    they should be at least 241mm with 228mm bay spacing (9.5" x 9"), at
    least for the North American frequencies. Also the feedpoint, where the balun or matching transformer goes, is normally at the center of the phase lines.

    But if it works, it works...


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice instructable. Some notes:

    1) I think your design will work well for UFH signals, but not so well for VHF (which one you have depend on location).

    2) If you mount it outside, please make sure you add some surge/spark arrester (just in case lightning hits there).


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    In my city rains few times and without lighting and thounders...I yearn for a dramatical rain!!...(but not lighting my antenna)


    8 years ago

    Do you need a tv provider to get the signal? Or does this work for free


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    In Argentina this aereal digital signal is free...


    Reply 8 years ago

    It is free, but in some countrys you have to register you TV asessment