Digital Humidity and Temperature Monitor

Introduction: Digital Humidity and Temperature Monitor

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Ensuring proper indoor humidity has important skin, allergen and other health benefits by inhibiting the growth of , bacteria, viruses, fungi, and etc . This Digital Temperature and Humidity Monitor allows you to check comfort conditions at a glance with this indoor humidity gauge and thermometer (temperature ) combination. It's more than accurate, above all every one can make it , let me demonstrate you how i did :))

Application Temperature & Humidity Monitor

Indoor humidity sensor (%RH)

Indoor temperature sensor (degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius)

Humidity Temperature and Dew Point (dew point temperature or dew point is the temperature at which dew forms and is a measure of atmospheric moisture )

Step 1: Electronic Components

you need this project

1- Arduino ( any arduino types )

2-DHT11 &22 (humidity and temperature sensor )

3-jumper wires (3pc )

4-Breadboard (optional )

5-Arduino usb cable

6- Arduino IDE

Step 2: Circuit Schematic

DHT Vcc pin to 5v pin in arduino

DHT GRN pin to pin GRN pin in arduino

DHT out pin to pin 7 in arduino

Step 3: Code


dht DHT;

#define DHT11_PIN 7

void setup()




void loop()


int chk = DHT.read11(DHT11_PIN);

Serial.print("Temperature = ");


Serial.print("*C"); Serial.println();

Serial.print("Humidity = ");


Serial.print("%"); Serial.println();

double gamma = log(DHT.humidity / 100) + ((17.62 * DHT.temperature) / (243.5 + DHT.temperature));

double dp = 243.5 * gamma / (17.62 - gamma);

Serial.print("Dew point = ");


Serial.print(" *Celcius ");





you need DHT library as well here below you can download


Step 4: RESULT

you did it !!!!! one more step , uploading code and running it, then click Serial Monitor or you can (Tools -> Serial Monitor or Ctrl + Shift + M) sensor data will appear

serial monitor will shown u date . I hope you enjoyed this project and if there is something wrong or not clear please let me know.follow me for many more projects to come

Thanks for reading .


Zakariye Abdirahman

mad about making electronic stuff :)

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