Digital Pin Hole Camera

Introduction: Digital Pin Hole Camera

I have always wanted to make a real pin hole camera but I have no idea how to process film and I don't have a dark room. To solve the problem I turned my Nikon into a pin hole. Now I can view my images immediately and change the exposure digitally.

A digital SLR
A body cap
Soda Can
Super glue
Fine nail file
Smallest needle you can find
Sharpie Marker

Step 1: Camera Body

Make Sure you have a body cap that fits your camera's body. You will remove your lens and test the body cap.

Step 2: The Cap

With a drill, drill a hole in the center of the cap.

Mark the center hole with a sharp tool before you drill the hole.  Place the cap on wood before drilling and have a friend hold the cap while you drill.

Step 3: The Can

Cut a small square out from the soda can. Make sure to wash all stickiness off the tin square.

Step 4: Sharpie

Use the sharpie to color both the front and back of the tin square black.  This is important so that you don't get any reflective light in your picture.

Step 5: The Pin Hole

This part is hard and you might need to give it a try or two.
Simply poke the center of the black square with the needle. You do not want the needle to go all the way through to the thicker part of the needle, The smaller the hole the better! Once the tip of the needle has gone through, you've got it. 

Step 6: Sanding

Once you have the smallest hole you need to lightly sand the hole. When you pushed the needle through the tin you pushed some of the metal out too. Take the nail file and lightly rub that hole so the hole is flat again.  You might need to go over this sanded part with the sharpie again.

Step 7: Atach the Pin Hole

Now that you have your pin hole you can attach it to the inside of the body cap, just over the drilled hole. You can use tape or super glue. I would use tape so that you can test out the pin hole before making it permanent.

Step 8: You Are Finished!

Attach the cap to the body and photograph away.

To take pictures you have to use the manual mode and adjust the shutter speed to more than 5 seconds, depending on the light on your object you will need the shutter open for longer or shorter. For your aperture, just open your F-stop to as large as it will go.

Step 9: Some Examples of My Pinhole Pictures

I added some pictures because people were saying they wanted to see some, sorry I didn't think to add them.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    It's interesting that the exposure is tricky and requires considerable amount of bracketing to get the right expo. If you make an even smaller pin hole would the photos come out sharper?