Digital Tape

Introduction: Digital Tape

About: I am an electronics degree student and also an arduino developer

Make a very useful digital measuring tape with an atmega 328p and a mouse rotary encoder.very simple very useful and also make use of an old mouse. for more details visit my youtube channel,i have uploaded a detailed vedio about this project.

Step 1: Watch the Vedio

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Step 2: Collect the Components


2)rotary encoder from old moude


4)7 segment display pannel (minimum 3 digit)

5)on/off button

6)1 push button (reset switch)

7) 7805 voltage regulator

Step 3: Make the Circuit

The rotary encoder have four terminals,the positive terminal is the outer casing.You should find the ground terminal by examining the circuit board of the can connect either of the remaining pin to the can use any digital or analog pin but also make the change in the code.check the pins for connecting the 7 segment display from the code.if any mistake in reading it might be the problemof you encoder calibrate it with scale for perfect the encoder the full rotation is divided into 10 segments and for my encoder 3 segments gives 1 cm....for detailed information watch the youtube channel....


Step 4:

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