Introduction: Digital Temperature Widget / Home Thermometer


A small and good looking digital thermometer using the Dallas DS18B20 digital sensor and an Arduino Pro Micro at 3.3v. Everything is designed to fit exactly and to snap in place, no screws or glue needed!

Not that much to it but it looks cool.

Step 1: Get Your Parts Ready!

Parts Used & Amazon links:

Step 2: Print the Housing

The STL files can be downloaded from the following links.



Print the 2 parts and clear any imperfections.

Step 3: Test If It Fits !

After you clean the housing, insert and display and microcontroller,

they will fit tight but file the slots if needed, don't press them too hard, as that might damage the display!

Step 4: Connect Everything


  • Sensor data pin on Arduino PIN 5
  • Display SDA on Arduino PIN 2
  • Display SCL on Arduino PIN 3
  • Diplay Power on Arduino Vcc
  • Display Ground on Arduino Ground

The sensor will have to be connected with a 4.75k ohm Resistor as shown on the image.

Also add 2 cables on the Vcc and ground tha you will have to extend in order to connect the battery.

Step 5: Assemble the Project

Snap everything in to place on the slots,

I used some aluminium foil for the battery.

Make sure the sensor is away from the rest of the electronics parts as it will affect the values.

Step 6: Get the Libraries and Upload the Code.

Step 7: Almost Done!

Connect the battery and close the case, you are done!

You can edit the arduino code to make changes on the font and how the information is displayed .

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