Introduction: Digital Valentine

This is the ultimate in digital Valentines gifts.  Using some free software, all it takes is a couple of minutes to create this rose that never wilts.

Step 1: The Software

The software I used to make this is called GraphCalc. It is a free download and you can get it from here-  Unfortunately for Mac users it is only available for Windows and Linux.

Step 2: Setting It Up

After installing GraphCalc, open it up and click on the tab that says 3D Graph. Right click in the graphing area and go to Options. Select the box that says Polar Coordinates, and then click the Range & Wire tab.
Enter -5 as both the r min and the t min and 5 for both the r max and the t max.  Now click the "Apply" button.

Step 3: Enter the Equations

Go back to the equations tab now to enter the equations.
Check the box by z1, z2, and z3.
In z1 enter sin(r*t) for the flower.
In z2 enter -20(r^2) for the stem.
In z3 enter -6r^(-.7+t)-7t^(-.7+t) for the leaf.

Step 4: Pick Your Colors

Now click on the colored box by each equation to choose the color you want.

Step 5: Position Your Rose

Almost done.  Click the Ok button and wait for your graph to be drawn.  Once the rose appears choose your view by left clicking and dragging to rotate.  The scroll wheel on your mouse zooms in and out.

Step 6: More Ideas

You can mess around with the settings of the graph to get a different look.  I came up with my equations just by playing around with the program.  Once you get the hang of 3d graphing there are unlimited possibilities.

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