Introduction: Digital Camoflage (digicamo)

This is a guide on how to digicamo your airsoft rifle, real rifle, or anything you want.

Step 1: Object

Find the object you are going to camoflage. I am doing an airsoft sniper rifle.

Step 2: Materials

Get the materials you will need:

Matte (not shiny) paint-1 base color, 3 stencil colors(you can use as many as you like, i used 3). I used Rust-oleum paints: tan, black, brown, and green.

Masking/painting tape

a method for hanging the objects to be painted


exacto knife

rubber glove

optional: Minwax Fast drying polyurethane for the finish

Step 3: Dissasembly

Disassemble the rifle and keep the parts you are going to paint. You don't want to paint the compression chamber or the rubber stock cover.

Step 4: Taping

Tape off all areas you don't want paint in with the masking tape. Don't be lazy on this part. You don't want paint in your barrel or on your scope lens.

Step 5: Base Coat

Hang the parts up and paint them with the base coat. My base color was tan. Follow the instructions on the spray paint for number of coats and dry times. i did 3 coats.

Step 6: Stencils

This is the tedious part. Print out the patterns you desire from
You want large and small cutouts; more black and less black.
On the third picture in this step are all the stencils i ended up with.

Step 7: Cutting Out the Stencils

Take a pattern paper and clamp it down on a piece of wood. Then get an exacto knife and cut out the black parts.

Step 8: First Color

Now you paint the first color. Mine was green. You want the stencils of the bottom color to be the biggest. Hold the stencil over the gun, cover the other exposed parts with paper. Wear gloves unless you want your hand colored.

Step 9: Other Colors

After you are done with green move on to the second color, brown. Then do the black. The stencils should get progressively smaller. Do all the parts of the gun. Beware the circular parts are the hardest like the barrel and the scope and you will have to find some creative ways to hold the stencil down.

Step 10: Protective Finish

This step is optional but i recomend it because the paint scratches off easily. Disassemble and coat the rifle with Minwax Fast drying polyurethane. I used 5 coats on everything. It makes the gun a little shiny but it feels much better.

Step 11: Last Step

Remove all the tape and reassemble.