Digital Clock!




Introduction: Digital Clock!

I will show you how to make a digital clock with an arduino.

Step 1: Materials

arduino uno r3

assorted jumper wires

USB 5v battery pack

USB cable

digital seven seg display (SMA420564)

box/enclosure for proeject

solderless breadboard

push swithces

Step 2: Arduino

Any of these online will work, so get one to run your project. Buy one at an electronic store.

Step 3: Battery

A USB pack can be about ten bucks at a hardware store or on Amazon.

Step 4: Wires

A good jumper cable is compatible with an Arduino, so get these cheap off of Amazon or hardware store.

Step 5: Programming

To complete programming, find the program(s) off of GitHub. The wiring will be available at

Test the project as needed, and edit.

Step 6: END

Enjoy the project and please comment below. Sorry if the steps weren't that detailed. Antun Karlovac's website deserves credit. Thanks, and please tell me how to improve.

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    6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your clock!

    My suggestion would be to always include a wiring diagram in one of the steps. Those are very helpful with projects like this. Otherwise, not bad for a first instructable! :)