Introduction: Dining Table Made From a Reclaimed Door

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This table was design to fit in a small space – my 500 square feet loft. I was looking for a light looking table that can accommodate up to 6 persons. As I often do, I used recycled materials to build this dining set. The table is made from an old bungalow door and the chairs were found in a yard sale.

Step 1: Choose and Prepare

1 - Search for a massive wooden door. Make sure that at least 1 side of the door is in good general condition. I used an old flat door.

2 - Strip and sand. Take off all the layers of paint accumulated over the years. I was pretty lucky with this door – the veneer was still in good condition on the ''interior'' side of the door.

3 - Choose and mesure your table dimensions.

4 - Cut each side of the door with a circular saw to obtain clean edges.

5 - In the middle section of the door, trace a rectangle area. This area need to cover the handle holes. With a router, remove a thin layer of wood – 1/32" or 1/16" thick. The thickness refers to the metal sheet you'll use. You'll need to remove this layer on the top and each side of the door where the metal sheet will be. I planed to cover the holes of the handle and lock with a metal sheet. You could choose a different strategy or material.

Step 2: Cut and Fold

1 - Buy a metal sheet, 1/32" or 1/16" thick.

2 - Fold a 90° angle on 1 side and use a sander to adjust the fitting on the door. The metal sheet should be perfectly even with the wood surface.

3 - Mark the other side of the metal sheet and fold another 90° angle. Use a sheet metal folder to obtain better result.

4 - Check the fitting again on the table. The piece should be stiff on the door. Mine doesn't need any glue to stay in place.

5 - Cut the excess metal on each side.

6 - You can sand the edges of the door to mimic the rounded edge of the metal sheet.

Step 3: Install Legs

1 - Buy legs. I bought mine at Ikea for under 5$ each. The black enamel finish was perfect for my project. You could decide to build your own at this step.

2 - Install those legs and that's it !

Step 4: Oil and Paint

1 - For the metal sheet I used a black epoxy paint (spray can), 2 or 3 layers.

2 - For the wood I used tung oil. The colors of the veneer shine in a whole new way with this magic product !

Step 5: Add Chairs

I bought old school chairs in a yard sale to complete my dining set.

I repeated the same process and used the same finishing products to obtain a uniform look.

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