Introduction: Dinner & Dessert

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When I have time to make something artistic, this is an example of what I do.

: )

Step 1: Butternut Squash Prep

1. Take off humongous sticker.

2. Slice ends off, and divide neck from body.

3. Peel/shave.

4. Make thin slices.

Step 2: Red Peppers, Shrooms, Pears

1. Slice peppers into rings

2. Remove fancy mushrooms from package and place into bowl for photograph.

3. Dice pears, I used 2 of 3 so that I could share the third one with my bunny tomorrow, while I am gardening.

Step 3: Oil, Layer, and Bake

1. Coat glass casserole with nice oil

2/3. Layer butternut squash slices and season as you like.

4. Add red pepper rings, mushrooms, drizzle more oil and a bit of salt/spice.

5. Top with diced pears, a bit more oil and salt, or whatever tops you off.

6. Bake for a pretty long time at 325-350.

(you will be double, then triple-tasking the oven for the other dinner items)

Step 4: Protein, Crucifying.

1. I like to get the chicken thighs, skin on and bone in. When all is supposedly eaten and done, I upcycle what's not eaten, into broth.

2. Cast iron pan, oiled, chicken in, skin side-up, then abundantly seasoned with spiciness.(cumin and cayenne pepper, and salt)

3/4. I want to gently steam the broccoli to preserve the lovely flavor.

( Cruciferous veggies are all the rage, right now. )

Step 5: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.. Oh My!!

1. Fresh rhubarb

2. Chopped and put into sauce pan/pot.

3. Pie plate with butter used. I usually like Kerrygold, but this highly nutritious alternate has a much milder flavor, so I'd like to have that neutral asset for this pie crust.(2 sticks)

4. Cut into pats, into the Kitchen Aid mixer.

5/6/7. Coconut and Almond flour.(1 cup of each)

8. Mix thoroughly

9. Press into pie plate. (I wasn't convinced that I could roll out this "faux" crust)

Put this into fridge and continue with dinner.

Step 6: Bake, Then Broil

1. Start baking veggies, at 350F

2. Then add chicken. (After 45 minutes, everything is essentially cooked enough.)

3. After broccoli is steamed, put into pan and switch places with chicken, which is put below, into the broiler.

4. Broil chicken on low, for about 10 minutes. Heat rises to melt cheese on broccoli and keeps roasted veggies warm.

Step 7: Reduce Rhubarb and Strawberries

for Pie filling! (yum!!)

(oven at 350F)

1. Pre-bake pie shell for 15 minutes, then add reduced strawberry/rhubarb mix.

Step 8: Interlude/distraction

"Look at me!"

"I have a mouse toy."

Step 9: Dinner Is Served!

Have just enough of each, but save room for pie(next step)

: )

Step 10: And Then... Dessert

Pie, anyone?

Be sure to add strawberry slices, Ghirardelli dark chips, and confectionery sugar.

Chill to solidify.

Sexiest Pie you've had in a while.

; )