Introduction: Dino Jump Run Cactus

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, a friend of mine had to be quarantined for 14 days. He complained to me that the quarantine time was too long and it was boring. He likes to play dino jumping cactus. This is a game that can be played when the chrome browser is offline, I plan to implement it with MicroPython ESP32, and then give him to play.

Step 1: Supplies



uPyCraft V1.1

Click this link to download uPyCraft IDE for Windows:

Connection: The output pin of the button is connected to the IO14 pin and IO15 pin of ESP32 respectively, VCC is connected to 3v3.

Step 2: Make Pbm Pictures

You can use image processing tools to open pbm pictures to draw dinosaurs and cacti, etc.

Then you can use ampy to upload the file to MakerPython ESP32.

Modify the corresponding COM port, enter the following command and press enter, upload the PBM picture:

ampy --port COM21 put play.pbm

If you have not used ampy, you can click this link:

Step 3: Show

This is the start interface of the game. The function of the blue button on the left is to start and pause, and the button on the right is to jump.

Step 4: Games Start

It looks funny, I think my friend should like it.

You can get the code and pbm picture from here: