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Introduction: Dinosaur Serving Dish - DIY Crafts

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Dinosaur Serving Dish

In this Project, I wanted to show you how we made this cool dinosaur serving plate that is surely going to get attention at any gathering.

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For this build we needed 2 cheap plastic plates from the dollar store, 2 small toy dinosaurs, a marker, a saw, sandpaper, paint, and some strong glue.

We wanted the plates to be high enough for cookies or chips, so one of the dinos had to ride on the other’s back. This was a little tricky because the top plate needed to be as level as possible.

So I took a marker and drew a level line at the midsection of the top dinosaur to prepare him for surgery.

I then carefully cut him in half making sure to keep it a straight cut. It was a little harder than it looked. The cut did leave a rough surface, so I had to carefully sand the edges flat for gluing.

I then used an old cardboard box for a makeshift paint booth and coated both dinosaurs in some white paint. It took several coats to hide the previous color, but they came out great.

My wife then used some E6000 glue to attach each of the pieces together. The two sections of the top dino were relatively easy to attach, with careful attention to the correct orientation.

After gluing the bottom dinosaur, attaching them together was a bit of a challenge, but eventually they held.

The paint did get a little messed up on contact with the glue and needed a touch up, but overall the parts worked wonderfully.

And that is how we made some dino serving plates.

Let us know what you think about it in the comments

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    6 years ago

    haha lovely!! look forward to more kitchen application!!