Introduction: Direct Wire GPS for 2005 Seinna With NAV

I really missed my direct wired GPS when I sold the older van.  So while I was doing the iPod GTA car kit, might as well do this one too..

What you'll need:

1 - car adaptor for your GPS
2 - some thin gage wires, 2 colors preferred
3 - electrical tape & cutters
4 - some zip ties

Step 1: Tapping Into the Lighter

Please refer to my other instructable on opening the center console:

*** BE SURE car is in OFF position ***

Once you open up the bottom, note the color wiring of the lighter.

Disconnect & open the wiring terminals by pressing the locking plastic tab & pull. Then connect your wiring there.
I used double strand, just incase of overloading.

Step 2: Connect the Car Adaptor

On the car adaptor end, I needed to notch some room for the wiring....

Simply connect wiring, matching the wiring for  center contact.  Turn on car to accessory ON & check LED light.
If no light, switch contact & try again.  If polarity was switch, also check the fuse both inside the  adaptor & car.

DO NOT proceed until you verify electrical connections are a OK.

If all works, wrap the wiring nicely with electrical tape.

Step 3: Now Tuck Everything Nicely Away

I have a side airbag on the A pillar, so I start running wires below it ..

Give ~ 6" slag, then start feeding the GPS end under the steering column.
Find some room above the steering column &  tie it down with zip-lines on to any existing structure.